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All important things happening in the Luxembourg Amateur Radio scene.
14 Topics 16 Replies Luc LX1IQ's Avatar
Last Post: Weinheim
by Luc LX1IQ
02 Sep 2016 15:10
Stuff you want to buy or sell - Flohmarkt - Bourse aux Occasions - NO COMMERCIAL OFFERS PLEASE
14 Topics 37 Replies Alain LX1AX 's Avatar
by Alain LX1AX
23 Dec 2016 17:48
Informations about Contests, DX-Expeditions and Awards.
12 Topics 2 Replies Marc LX1OM's Avatar
by Marc LX1OM
12 Jan 2017 21:51
All kinds of digital transmission modes (Packet Radio, PSK, RTTY, ...)
1 Topics 0 Replies Stephan LX2SM's Avatar
by Stephan LX2SM
21 Mar 2014 21:44
Digital Voice Communications like D-STAR, DMR, C4FM
11 Topics 20 Replies Mich LX1KQ's Avatar
by Mich LX1KQ
24 Sep 2016 10:59
Everything about Frequencies (LF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF+), Propagation, Sunspots, Beacons, QRM, EMC, BCI, TVI, ...
5 Topics 8 Replies Luc LX1IQ's Avatar
Last Post: 60m?
by Luc LX1IQ
06 Jun 2016 19:17
Amateur Radio Equipment - Tranceivers, Receivers, Antennas, ... (Informations, Help, Descriptions, Manuals, Questions)
4 Topics 3 Replies Darko OE7DBH's Avatar
by Darko OE7DBH
06 Aug 2016 16:40
Any comments about the RL Homepage go in here: Article discussions, requests for new topics, bugs, help etc...
8 Topics 9 Replies Henri LX1HD's Avatar
Last Post: XLX Artikel CQ-DL
by Henri LX1HD
11 May 2016 09:30
Small-talk, chit-chat, blah-blah and discussions not belonging to any other category.
3 Topics 1 Replies Didier LX2DC's Avatar
by Didier LX2DC
22 Mar 2016 13:57
Radio Amateurs that have passed away are called 'Silent Keys'. We remember them here.
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