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ON4UN , LX1KQ , ON5NT @ Congrès annuel de l'UBA 2017
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To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the A.R.I. the main Italian Radioamateur Association, since March 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017, many Italian Clubstation will be on air on all bands and all modes.
These Stations can be easily detected from prefix IQ. They will give a code called SASC. Each SASC has this structure:

Letter ARI90 Number

The letter identifies the Italian Region and the number identifies the Clubstation among same Region.
Each month 2 Italian Regions will be on air. The Italian Regions are 20. On March 2017 the Regions involved are: Piedmont - P and Sicily - T
To claim this Award European Stations must work at least 15 Italian Regions, Extra-European Stations at least 10 Regions. QSL cards are not requested. GCR list accepted.
The Award is free of costs and it will be sent as PDF file.
From May to December there will be on air also 2 Headquarter Special Event Stations that will give a SASC starting with letter H
On April 22nd only (during the Marconi Day) there will be on air 10 Marconian Stations (detectable from prefix IY) that will pass 10 SASC starting with letter Y
One missed Region can be replaced by one SES or by one Marconian Station
Two missed Regions can be replaced by one SAS and one Marconian Station.
All these SASC will be valid also for ASC-Award.

more info in english language at: www.ari.it/index.php?option=com_content&...2&Itemid=262&lang=it

Thank you for your attention. Please spread this info to your members that could be interested in this Award

73 de Pier Luigi, IK2UVR / N2UVR
ARI HF Award Manager



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Bonjour à tous,

Jusqu'au 31.03.2017 vous pouvez demander le diplôme "MARCH WOMANS MONTH- 2017", du radio club de Plovdiv.

Pour l’obtenir vous devez avoir contacté 10 YL dans le monde pendant la période du 03.01.2017 on 31.03.2017, sur toutes bandes et tous modes, sauf les répéteurs.

Vous pouvez envoyer votre log en format Word, cbr., Txt. Excel, à avant le 20.04.2017

73 88
Sophie - F4DHQ

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Pour le 25e championnat du monde masculin de handball ,

l ' A.M.R.A.

l'Association Mosellane des RadioAmateurs va activer 4 indicatifs spéciaux ,

du 15/01/2017 au 29/01/2017

TM57H - TM57A - TM57N - TM57D

4 différentes QSL's seront editées (En assemblant les 4 QSL's vous obtiendrez le ballon en image centale.)


For the 25th Men's World Handball Championship,

A.M.R.A. will activate 4 special call, from 15/01/2017 to 29/01/2017

4 different QSL's will be edited

By assembling the 4 QSL's you will get the ball in a central image.

Website : www.amra57.org

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CQ 6 , CQ 6

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flotten E-Award hunn mer do kritt

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