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THEMA: The 2019 145 MHz Russian EME Contest

The 2019 145 MHz Russian EME Contest 21 Aug 2019 22:13 #498

SRR invites radio amateurs from all over the world to take part in the new EME contest.
The 145 MHz Russian EME Contest is intended to encourage worldwide activity on 2m moonbounce, support of VHF activity in remote regions of Russia and around the globe. Each different DXCC country and each Russian region form a multiplier.

1. Contest Date, Band and Modes
August 24th 00:00 to August 25th 23:59 UTC (48 hours), 2m Digital and CW

2. Sections and Awards
No sections. All participated stations will get certificates. The first 10 places will get awards. The winner will get the special trophy prize. All EME-contest novices will get stickers on their certificates. According to the organizers decision the stations with a small ERP which showed good
results will also be marked by awards.

3. Rules
For the purpose of the contest only one scoring per valid QSO with the same other callsign can be logged. No other limitations. Use of loggers and cluster is allowed.

4. Contest Exchange
For a valid EME QSO, both stations must have copied all of the following via the EME radio path:
4.1 Both callsigns from the other station.
4.2 Signal report from the other station.
4.3 R, from the other station, to acknowledge complete copy of 4.1 & 4.2.

5. Logs
Logs should be in a usual logbook format. Exported files from logging software are acceptable. Each QSO: Date/Time, Callsign, Report sent, Report received. Bottom line: Total QSO points, Total multiplier, total claimed score.

6. QSO Points
1 point for each QSO completed (random = sked).

7. Multipliers
Each different DXCC country and each Russian region (…1A, …1C, …1N, etc. – see list of
Russian regions on www.rdxc.org/asp/pages/regions.asp ) is a multiplier.

8. Total Score
Score = Total of QSO points * Multiplier.

9. Contest Entries
Copy of the log with details of points, multipliers and total points. Also add name(s) and call(s) of operator(s), grid locator, antenna type and output power. Please add a note if this is the first EMEcontest in your life. Other info is welcome: comments, conditions, station details, photographs, etc.

10. Sending Your Entry
Contest entries must be sent via Email only no later than 14 days after the end of the contest (i.e. by 23:59 UTC, September 8th, 2019) to:
All email entries will be acknowledged within 5 days. If not, please resent your entry.
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