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Dernière nouvelle de mon côté. J'ai remballé la société qui était venue un matin pour installer le Smarty.
C'est une société belge entre paranthèses.
Cela s'est passé vers le mois de mars, mais depuis lors, je n'ai pas eu de nouvelles.

Let(s see!
73s de Michel

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For those who are interested in building their own PCB circuit, I just tried two very interesting providers.
They had super fast delivery (within 3 days at my door with DHL) and the quality is really good.

For the PCB design (logic) and board drawing, I used the EasyEDA software that you now may download for free to your PC.
Look for www.easyeda.com - They have good tutorials on Youtube.
When your PCB is ready (there is also an Autorouter that works well), you may then generate your GERBER file
I recommend to use the JCLPCB company that is suggested by that software. You will benefit from a 20 EUR discount with your first order.
I asked for 10 boards of 8cm x 5cm double sided and this cost me 7 EUR with a DHL transport!

Regarding the components, I tried as well a new provider (at least to me) : www.tme.eu
It's obviously a polish company. Select first your country and language.

The website is very well done in different languages, and as soon as you are starting to know the codes, you are able to go very quick with your order. The screening tool to filter out the things you are looking for is very efficient.
As said, 3 days later, I received everything well packed at home. If you see that the item is in stock, there is no issue.
And the prices are quite cheap.

So, hope this will be helpful! Happy radio!

Best 73s
Michel LX1KM

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I discovered LX2OOO on 145.425Mhz
with hams from the Paris area, but I was not able to enter

Mich LX1KQ Hi Michel , you have to use a subtone Tone 103.5Hz , 73 de Mich 1KQ vor 2 Jahren
Michel LX1KM Hallo Mich, ok, merci! Ech hun Leider kéé Gerät mam CTCSS... Ech kucke vir den Kenwood TSU7 Module z'installéieren vor 2 Jahren

Bonjour Alain,
Merci pour cette réponse.
A ma connaissance, ils utilisent un seul type de compteur qui vient du fabricant français.
Ce sont les mêmes que l'on installe en France.

Ce que j'apprécie aussi moyennement dans toute cette campagne "européenne", c'est l'obscurité qui entoure
l'utilisation qui en est faite. On mesure plusieurs fois par jour, mais quoi?

Pour relever un compteur, pas besoin de le faire toutes les heures.


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Hallo Gilbert,
Merci vir d'Äntfert!

I can imagine this easily. No wonder. I told Creos that I already had to deal with my neighbours installation!... Already enough QRM.

They did not answer to me yet - let see what will happen next!
I will keep you posted here.

In any case, it would be helpful to talk about this in our RLX association. We could maybe come up with the idea to do something all together. Everyone alone, we do not count, but all together, we are louder!

73, Michel

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Just replaced all the electrolytics in my old Collins 516F-2 power supply! It was high time!
After and before images here attached - Much smaller...
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Just received a letter for the installation of a nice new Smarty counter for the electricity consumption measurements.
This is using the CPL technology, meaning regular HF radiations across the whole electrical circuits at home.
This network is not intended for such radiations. It is not isolated enough. Talking about EM pollution, we have a winner here! :sick:

I wrote a letter to CREOS to let them know that I do not want this at home, also because I am a Ham radio operator
and that such poluution would ruine my passion. :evil:

I would like to hear if other hams had the same experience? Already Smarty at home, what are the consequences?
No Smarty, then what could we do as a recognized Ham association? Do you agree with this or not?

Thanks for your feedback - in french or german, I am fine with both.

Michel - LX1KM

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Working on my Collins KWM2-A and power supply... Dust and electrlytic caps replacement! 73s Michel

Hi there,
I am selling my Cushcraft A4S antenna 4el yagi for 10-15-20m
and a deKerf tower of 12m, 2 pieces of 6m, base is about 80cm sided triangle.
Tower will need to be dismantled still, antenna is down and in parts already.
Location: Athus Belgium
ex ON5HF Michel


Any good PCB manufacturer at a fair price? (low volumes) - tks!

Luc LX1IQ Hi Michel, I always use www.eurocircuits.de/ 73, Luc Lade Inhalt, bitte warten... vor 4 Jahren
Michel LX1KM Vilmolls merci Luc! 73 vor 4 Jahren
Luc LX1IQ Gäer geschitt vor 4 Jahren

I am operating now for about 2 weeks with a magloop antenna on HF bands - see you there!