RL Committee


Callsign Name Function Email
LX1CU Jean-Claude DUHR Vice-President
LX1NR Nico REULAND Secretary
LX1JH Jean-Marie JUCHEMES Assistant Treasurer
LX1RW Romain WEBER Member
LX1TB Arsène THILL Member
LX1TI Carlo TREZZI Member
LX2A Philippe LUTTY Member


For any postal mail please use the following Postal Address:
Radioamateurs du Luxembourg
P.O.Box 1352
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Europe)

LX Prefix Assignment

English The Luxembourg Prefixes begin with LX followed by 1 Digit (Number 0-9) and 1 to 4 letters.

LX 0 aaaa Repeaters, Digipeaters or official RL call-signs 
LX 1-3 aaaa Full privilege license (HAREC) 
LX 4-5 aaaa Special call-signs (can be time-limited)
LX 6 aaaa NOVICE License call-signs (since 2007)
LX 7-8 aaaa Special call-signs (can be time-limited)
LX 9 aaaa Local Club call-Signs (can be time-limited)
LX - nnnn Listener call-signs (only composed of LX followed by a number)


Foreign Amateurs wishing to operate in or from Luxembourg

If you are in possession of a HAREC or NOVICE license you can transmit in Luxembourg for a period of 3 months without any notification to the authorities.

You have the following possibilities to use your callsign (i.e. your call being ON1ABC):

  • LX / ON1ABC /p for portable stations
  • LX / ON1ABC /m for mobile stations
  • LX0RL Operator ON1ABC (if you are using a Luxembourg amateur radio station at his/her home)


In case you are holder of a CEPT Novice License you have to use the prefix LX6 (i.e. LX6 / DO3ABC)

LX Frequency Plan

English The frequency plan for amateur radio in Luxembourg is only available in french.

Deutsch Der Frequenzplan der Amateurfunkbänder in Luxemburg ist nur in französischer Sprache erhältlich.

Français Le plan des fréquences du Luxembourg pour radio amateurs est uniquement disponible en français.

PDF  (VHF to EHF) 



First ever QSOs from LX on the VHF-UHF-SHF Bands

Lëtzebuergesch Op dëser Säit fannt dir d'Lëschten vun all den éischten QSO'en vu Lëtzebuerg aus op den VHF-UHF-SHF Bänner.

Français Sur cette page vous trouverez les listes des premiers contacts LX sur les bandes VHF-UHF-SHF.

Deutsch Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Listen von den jeweils ersten QSO's aus LX auf den VHF-UHF-SHF Bändern.

English On this page you will find the listings of all first QSO's from LX on the VHF-UHF-SHF bands.


  • LX Firsts on 50 MHz (pdf)
  • LX Firsts on 70 MHz (pdf)

    Please advise any updates or amendments to Jacquot LX1JX.


  • LX Firsts 144 MHz - 122 GHz (pdf

    Please advise any updates or amendments to Willi LX1DB.