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RL Committee


Callsign Name Function Email
LX1CU Jean-Claude DUHR Vice-President
LX1NR Nico REULAND Secretary
LX1JH Jean-Marie JUCHEMES Treasurer
LX1RW Romain WEBER Member
LX1TB Arsène THILL Member
LX2A Philippe LUTTY Member
LX2VY Mendaly RIES Member


For any postal mail please use the following Postal Address:
Radioamateurs du Luxembourg
P.O.Box 1352
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Europe)

LX Prefix Assignment

English The Luxembourg Prefixes begin with LX followed by 1 Digit (Number 0-9) and 1 to 4 letters.

LX 0 aaaa Repeaters, Digipeaters or official RL call-signs 
LX 1-3 aaaa Full privilege license (HAREC) 
LX 4-5 aaaa Special call-signs (can be time-limited)
LX 6 aaaa NOVICE License call-signs (since 2007)
LX 7-8 aaaa Special call-signs (can be time-limited)
LX 9 aaaa Local Club call-Signs (can be time-limited)
LX - nnnn Listener call-signs (only composed of LX followed by a number)


Foreign Amateurs wishing to operate in or from Luxembourg

If you are in possession of a HAREC or NOVICE license you can transmit in Luxembourg for a period of 3 months without any notification to the authorities.

You have the following possibilities to use your callsign (i.e. your call being ON1ABC):

  • LX / ON1ABC /p for portable stations
  • LX / ON1ABC /m for mobile stations
  • LX0RL Operator ON1ABC (if you are using a Luxembourg amateur radio station at his/her home)


In case you are holder of a CEPT Novice License you have to use the prefix LX6 (i.e. LX6 / DO3ABC)



First ever QSOs from LX on the VHF-UHF-SHF Bands

Lëtzebuergesch Op dëser Säit fannt dir d'Lëschten vun all den éischten QSO'en vu Lëtzebuerg aus op den VHF-UHF-SHF Bänner.

Français Sur cette page vous trouverez les listes des premiers contacts LX sur les bandes VHF-UHF-SHF.

Deutsch Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Listen von den jeweils ersten QSO's aus LX auf den VHF-UHF-SHF Bändern.

English On this page you will find the listings of all first QSO's from LX on the VHF-UHF-SHF bands.


  • LX Firsts on 50 MHz (pdf)
  • LX Firsts on 70 MHz (pdf)

    Please advise any updates or amendments to Jacquot LX1JX.


  • LX Firsts 144 MHz - 122 GHz (pdf

    Please advise any updates or amendments to Willi LX1DB.