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Hei mol eng Opstellung iwwert den XLX270 an LX0DML a wéi een ee QSO tëschend D-STAR an DMR maache kann. (Op mannst esou wéi ech dat anhand vun der offizieller Info verstaanen hunn).

Verschidden Froen stinn nach op a vläicht kann een aus dem DVC Grupp méi Liicht an déi ganz Saach bréngen.


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Den RL krut folgend Matdeelung:

Dear Sirs,

Russia’s first 3D-printed satellite Tomsk_TPU-120 is to be thrown from the outer surface of the International Space Station on 17 August 2017 during 17:45 to 23:50 MSK (14:45 to 20:50 GMT). The satellite will be transmitting telemetry to Roscosmos and a radio signal to amateur radio stations on Earth.

The satellite will be orbiting from four to six months. Various sensors will record the temperature of the board, plates and batteries, electronics data. It will also transmit greetings to Earth inhabitants, recorded by students of the University in 10 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Tatar, Hindi, Kazakh and Portuguese. The greeting signal will be transmitted once a minute at the frequency 437.025 MHz.

Radio amateurs will receive special name cards confirming receipt of the signal. Let us know your names and post addresses at .

Best regards,

Kristina Nabokova

Foreign media relations officer
Vice-Rector for External Affairs Division
Tomsk Polytechnic University


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15. and 19. August 2017
90 years anniversary

Experimenterende Danske Radioamatoerer (EDR for short) was founded on the 15th of August 1927 and will therefore be celebrated in 2017 with
different activities.
To celebrate the 90th anniversary of EDR, Danish radio amateurs will, throughout 2017, be active with the following special event call signs: OZ9ØEDR, OX90EDR and 5P90EDR.

Special activity:
On 15th of August from 00.00 UTC until 23.59 UTC there will be extensive activity with these call signs. Furthermore there will be activation of the special Head Quarter station OZ9ØHQ and also the Joker station OV9ØEDR will be active.
Saturday the 19th of August, there will be a reception at EDR head quarter and this date there will be activation from the OZ9ØHQ station exclusively.
After this day the HQ station will go back to the original call sign OZ1HQ.
All bands, including WARC-bands, and all modes may be used. Exceptions are crossmode, cross-band contacts and contacts via repeater and echo-link. On JT modes the callsign OZ7D will be used. ONLY QSOs with OZ7D in JT modes are valid for the award. All contacts these two days will be valid for the “EDR 90 anniversary award”.

Read more about the award on

Vy 73 and GL
The event team.

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E genialt Grillfest. D'Organisatioun an d'Wieder woren perfekt! Merci! - feeling happy

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