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Moien Mill,

Nee, eisen Award huet näischt mam World Castle Award ze dinn.

73 Marc

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Moien Andre,

Yes, English is permissible. Most of the Luxembourgish hams speak or understand English.

LX has a very good D-Star coverage so bringing along your ID51 is a perfect choice. By default the repeaters are linked to DCS270 but you are free to link them to any other reflector. After the QSO please think of linking them back to DCS270.

Best 73 and enjoy your stay in LX,
Marc LX1OM


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Leider op Englesch awer et erkläert gutt wéi een ICOM Apparaten am DR Mode bedreift.

Accessing Repeaters & Reflectors with the ID-51E...

Video overview explaining how to access D-STAR repeaters & Reflectors using the ID-51E 50th Anniversary D-STAR Dual Band Handheld. For more details...

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Salut Albert,

Ech weess nët ob de Use-Case iwwerhaapt richteg ass: LX0DML is both linked to XLX-270 module B in D-STAR and module D in DMR

Vläicht kann den DML just op engem XLX Port sinn. Also entweder B oder D?

Vum DVC Grupp kinnt jo een d'Beispiller kommentéieren an d'Froen Q1 an Q2 beäntweren. Och wier et flott gewuer ze ginn wéi den C4FM sech verhält.

73 Marc


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